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Living the Law of Attraction

A 3 Hour Workshop

Raise the vibrational level of your physical, emotional, and mental energy so you can excel in your career or business, attract the abundance you desire, live your purpose with passion and create greater peace, joy, and love.

Based on Paul R. Scheele and Jack Canfield’s Living the Law of Attraction, in this dynamic program you will:

  • Clarify your purpose and the intentions that drive your success.
  • Automatically raise your physical, emotional, and mental energy.
  • Identify the actions necessary to activate your dreams and goals.

Happiness Generator

A 3 Hour Workshop

While money doesn’t buy happiness, studies show that happiness attracts money!

In this workshop that’s based on the best-selling book Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff, you’ll learn seven steps to quickly raise your level of happiness that can help make it easier to manifest your every desire.

We will raise your baseline of happiness.  This means that no matter what happens at work or home, no matter what stress plows into you, no matter how dire the circumstances — you will AUTOMATICALLY return to a higher level of happiness than you have today. You don’t have to get richer, thinner, or smarter to be happier.

An Esoteric Approach with Essential Oils

A 3 Hour Workshop

The best way to understand and become truly intimate with essential oils and their beneficial properties, whether it is for physiological, psychological or energetic purposes, is to work with them.

We will explore and work with several Pure Essential Oils.  By combining the power of essential oils (plants) and our own personal power, we will move their various esoteric properties with our creative powers of thought and intention.  We will discuss how and which oils are useful for our intentions such as: promoting self-love and forgiveness, heightening spirituality and awareness, and reducing pain.

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